We’re back! What I thought would be a smooth and effortless end to our journey over the pond turned into a debacle when we were unexpectedly diverted to JFK due to severe storms in the DC area….whereupon we sat on the tarmac for 4 hours, under instruction to remain belted to our seats, with our near-one year old whose internal clock told her it was 11 pm. Thank you Aer Lingus. We finally got back to home at 10 pm having neither food nor drink for the previous 12 hours. Thanks again, Aer Lingus.

Really, though, we were just grand. And if anything, we know we could really get all the way to Kenya with our baby if we wanted to. Tokyo 2010, shall we? Why not?

In my head I’ve already started composing a list of tips on taking your high intensity baby on an international holiday. But some general updates as to our travels.

I saw a lot more than I expected and T was amazing although we sometimes pushed her beyond her limit. We started off in a rough spot with the red eye. For some reason, I thought she would sleep. Oh no. Instead we had an extremely overtired baby who kept going and going and going. Finally J took her to the bathroom and jiggled her to sleep. In total, she slept for two hours the whole night.

When we got there at 7 am we couldn’t get into our apartment at Trinity College until 2 pm so we burled it for half a day. Needless to say, I don’t remember much of that day. Fortunately T-Bop tanked in her stroller for a solid two hours. She took an afternoon nap and then we were basically back on her regularly sleep schedule, which felt a bit like a miracle.

From there we moved on to Galway via the train, our gateway to the West. She loved the train and the scenery through central Ireland was beautiful. We spent the next day on Inishmore Island, visiting the ancient tower of Dun Aengus. It was a great hike and a beautiful clear day with blue skies (it always seemed to clear up when we had outside things to do).

From there we drove to the Dingle Peninsula, stopping off at the Cliffs of Moher. A beautiful site but much more developed and tourist-filled than we would have liked. Dingle was the highlight of our trip. While we saw traditional music everywhere we went, Dingle is the Mecca with at least 20 pubs, half of which have music every night. We each took a turn with baby, but we each got at least two nights our with watching music. The next day we did the Dingle Peninsula, a highlight of which was learning more about the life and culture of the Blasket Islands. The next day everyone besides me and babe did an archaeology tour of the peninsula (I was hanging out with baby during a two hour morning nap). We spent the rest of the day hanging out in Dingle. The next day it was the Rock of Cashel (amazing!) on the way back to Dublin. We had a full day in Dublin (Dublin Castle, Book of Kells, Trinity College tour, Kilmainham Gaol). Then it was back on the plane.

T Biscuit was amazing. Even when she was very, very tired she rallied. If there was a lot to see, she was happy. She ate well, slept well, and, for the most part, traveled well. It was a great time and we learned a lot about international travel with a newly minted toddler. Pictures are coming soon!


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