A friend of mine has entered the strange new world of grief for the death of her baby. Wilson was to arrive when his parents were told he no longer showed a fetal heartbeat. After a C-section they discovered that a tragic cord accident caused him to suffocate at two weeks past full term. There was no way to prevent what happened, only unanswered questions and months of devastation where once there was the anticipation of a joyful newborn.

I am so thankful for Theresa documenting her experience as I am sure she is voicing what many other women are thinking and feeling. Feel free to journey with her. Her thoughts are especially important for those hoping to minister to someone going through a similar situation.


2 thoughts on “the grief of loss of life in the womb and baby death

  1. Augh, this is just too much. I was terrified about this very thing for my entire pregnancy and I cannot imagine the pain that she is experiencing. It made me physically ill just reading it – what a painful, terrible time. My prayers are definitely with her family.

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