We had our 18 weeks anatomy scan today. I went in with more trepidation than usual after our last baby showed Choroid Plexus Cysts in his brain. While it turned out we were part of the vast majority for whom CPCs are not an indicator of a chromosomal difference, the experience was sobering.

When we found out about Wick’s CPCs I wanted to know everything. I wanted answers about exactly what was happening in his little body, what this would mean for our family. I wanted to know if we would be facing The Great Sorrow. It was frightening and out of control. After the smoke had finally cleared at our Level II ultrasound, and the CPCs had dissipated, I was able to remember that we weren’t out of the fire. Because with children you never know what you’re going to get. You get what your given for the time being. That’s all.

Baby #3’s ultrasound told us some things. The baby’s body, by all appearances is sound. The heartbeat is strong, we saw the usual facial features, kidneys, stomach, legs, and arms – all complete. The physical markers for chromosomal difference were not present. We didn’t find out the sex. And I have marginal placenta previa, which the midwife expects to resolve, but could mean I end up having a scheduled C-section. Boo.

The rest is waiting out there for us, and we’re praying for the grace to walk through it together.




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