Ashes and guns – John 11

Once a year I put my thumb in a jar of ashes and oil, draw a cross on the forehead of a child, and remind her that she will die. This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It’s the day when we remember that we are made of dust and that each of our mortal bodies … Continue reading Ashes and guns – John 11


Two Blessings

Genesis 27 10/24/17 The stories of the covenant of God being passed through the generations in Genesis are raw and real. There are no idealistic, picturesque heroes here. There are no moral stories embedded in the text, no Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or models for good works. Today’s story of the patriarch Jacob … Continue reading Two Blessings

Created for need

Genesis 1-2 Who is in charge of this mess? I've been wondering that. It’s been a difficult and painful year for our planet. A few months ago, the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. We’re already seeing the effects of a coming climate disaster as oceans warm and intensify storms to catastrophic … Continue reading Created for need

What is worship for?

Romans 12:1-8 Raleigh Mennonite Church One of the preaching practices I inherited from the great homiletics professor, Chuck Campbell, is called dislocated exegesis. Dr Campbell suggests preachers spend an hour reading the in a place where you don’t usually read the Bible. So earlier this week I found myself reading Romans in a Food Lion … Continue reading What is worship for?

There is only us.

Genesis 45 Let’s catch up. We’re here at the end of the Joseph story. Joseph, the beloved, chosen son of Rachel and Jacob, is sold to Midianites as a slave by his seething, jealous brothers. The brothers report to their devastated father that Jacob has been killed by a wild animal. They show him a … Continue reading There is only us.