Water finds a way

Field of Vision - Best of Luck with the Wall from Field Of Vision on Vimeo. John 9:1-41 No doubt we have all heard the significant legal, moral, and structural challenges over the plan to create a seamless, concrete border wall between Mexico and the United States. But nothing is more challenging for the wall’s … Continue reading Water finds a way

Unless you are re-born

John 3:1-17 Melissa Florer-Bixler Tennyson was born after forty hours of grinding labor. I can remember the relentlessness of those hours, the starts and stops, the anticipation and the disappointment. But I mostly remember the time, how day stretched into night, night yawned into the morning. And still, labor. Tennyson doesn’t seem to remember any … Continue reading Unless you are re-born

He drank water

Raleigh Mennonite Church Matthew 3-4 March 5, 2017 During the summers that I lived in Palestine and Israel I spent most of my free time hiking. I had a couple friends who would take me with them on these weekend adventures, bushwhacking through banana plantations, scaling the plateaus to the Decapolis cities, threading the wadis … Continue reading He drank water

A God Who Stays

Raleigh Mennonite Church Matthew 17:1-8 I want to believe that he talked back to them, his radiant companions, And I want to believe he said too much was being asked and too much promised. I want to believe that that was why he shone in the eyes of his friends, The witnesses looking on, because … Continue reading A God Who Stays